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IPU Issue to 2004 from 1709/1803: i just updated my upgrade media to include the latest patches to get around the local admin account rename issues. but now on two machine i have tested the pre-cache compact scan is a success, but when i do the actual IPU it fails.

Windows Setup failed with hexadecimal exit code 0xC1900208 (decimal 3247440392)

from what i am finding this is incompatible software or drivers. which arent picked up during the compact scan which i find odd. so i manually ran the update from the sccm cache folder and the upgrade goes without issues. i do have ignore any dismissible compatibility messages checked. has anyone experienced anything like this?
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    I have seen 0XC1900208 issue because non-compatible Symantec or Mcafee product

    But this is different because you can run this from cache ;(

    I have not seen this scenario myself…

    I can’t read the log file screenshot so not sure what is exact error.

    Not for IPU –

    The following document from Adam might give some workaround or options to get more troubleshooting options


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