Is there a way to version control Dynamic Boot Media


In our environment, every 6 months we create a new boot media and retire older one.

Is there a way we can alert (a popup message or something similar) users to use new boot media when they boot into task sequence?


Any help, references would help.

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  1. I assume this is offline scenario? Offline boot media?

    So the password should expire after 6 months? That might help users?

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      No its for Dynamic Boot Media as stated above, no password expiration.

      Requirement is to put a script somewhere at start of the TS which checks for the version of Boot Media (any of Name, PackageID) and put a task Sequence step to validate it. If it matches then all good, if not it popups up as an error if user is using outdated boot media version.. Hope I am clear what I just said..

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