Issue About Modern Driver Management In Imaging

Ok, a Modern Driver Management question now. The Apply Driver Package log has been showing this for months and to me it looks like we have an expired certificate.
We’re using the Modern Driver Management in our imaging. Drivers still appear to be installing but this is really bugging me.
The Systems team is the one that set up AdminService and I’ve sent this to them and asked them to check it out but I don’t really get a response.
I’m not sure where to look to check this and I might not have authority to anyway, but if I could tell the Systems team EXACTLY what they need to do maybe I can finally get this fixed.
Can anyone help me out with what needs to be checked and where it should be? Thanks.
May be an image of text
Posted by Julie Versoi in HTMD FB Group

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    Replied by Kenneth Nandfred Larsen

    Its really hard to read the error message as its really small and don’t scale well.
    But looks like an expired self signed IIS certificate.
    Id start there.
    I see I get the same warning.

    Replied by Sarfaraz Ali

    Expired certificate. Just ask your team to renew it.

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