Issue related to SCCM integrated tool ,Right click tool and Ivanti patch for SCCM

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I have built a new SCCM environment in my company (2111 version) and now it’s up and functioning properly. But I have an issue related to any SCCM integrated tools such as “Right Click Tools” and “Ivanti Patch for SCCM”. These tools have already been installed successfully and their prerequisites but they are not showing up in SCCM Console so, what should I do to solve this issue.
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    Replied by Muhammad Magdy
    Laurensius Indra Laksana
    Thanks. The issue is solved now


    Replied by Laurensius Indra Laksana

    Would you please check whether “Only allow console extensions that are approved for the hierarchy” is checked under the Site Hierarchy Settings?

    Replied by Laurensius Indra Laksana

    If this setting is enabled, your old-style extensions that aren’t approved through the Console Extensions node will no longer be able to be used.

    Here is some link for your reference:

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