issue while pushing MS Office 365 monthly security updates by SCCM 2107

Hello Respected Members
I have been facing the following issue (while pushing MS Office 365 monthly security updates by SCCM 2107) for a couple of months.
121 systems – Failed to install update(s) – Error Code: 0x80070005 – Error Description: Access is denied.
Kindly help to resolve the issue.
Posted by Kamran Ali in HTMD FB Group
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    Replied by Kamran Ali
    Fran CruMa: how can I manage the cache to solve the issue, please?

    Replied by Fran CruMa
    Kamran Ali, you can set it on the client’s settings


    Replied by Rúben Almeida
    Kamran Ali, you can do it with the command line. Create an app or package/program and deploy it.

    Replied by Fran CruMa
    Have you checked the ccm cache? It should be to 2040 MB

    Replied by Fran CruMa
    Kamran Ali, for O365, you will need the cache.


    Replied by Kamran Ali
    Fran CruMa. Ok.
    Office 365 is updated on 300 plus systems.
    Only 120 systems have shown “Access Denied.”
    How to resolve it?

    Replied by Rúben Almeida
    I got the same issue on some computers. The solution was to reinstall Office 365 on the computers with the error.

    Replied by Rúben Almeida
    Kamran Ali try a Online Repair. This, for me, wasn’t an option.


    Replied by Jason Santoro
    Not saying this is your issue, but I had dealt with a similar problem. To resolve it first, I ensured the client was the correct version and communication.
    Then stopped the update services on the client and renamed the registry.pol file in C:windowssystem32group policymachine to registry.pol.old started the services again and ran a GP update /force.
    Once done, I created a ps script that checked the machine. Lol, the file was older than seven days, and if it is to perform the same steps.
    I used InTune to push it out as a proactive remediation script in the end.

    Replied by Ravikant Munkampalli
    Jason Santoro, Can you please share the registry.pol file detection & remediation script?

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