Issue with the Deployment that went to waiting for Content

I am facing the issue with the deployment, when I did the deployment that went to waiting for content, I run the actions, redeployed, rescheduled the package but every time it’s going for waiting for content.
Logs show that duplication execution occurred(in the ccm cache I didn’t find any content), something program fired, etc.
I didn’t understand why this waiting for the content issue occurred.
Please help me how to resolve this issue and share all possible troubleshooting steps.
Thanks in advance.
Posted by Aadhyan Reddy in HTMD FB Group

Answers ( 2 )


    Replied by Tarun Thareja

    Machine not able to download the content from dp check locationservice.log machine able to found dp or not or check boundary as well


    Replied by Aaron Armstrong

    Check contentransfermanager log

    Replied by के के तामाङ

    1) location service log to know whether the client gets DP location details for your deployment or if the client is healthy.

    2) if the client gets DP location then please check the data transfer log and content transfer log to understand the policy and content download of your deployment.

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