Issues installing the Adobe 3rd Party Updates

  1. Failed to Download Updates(S)  Error Code : 0x87D01107 , Failed to access all the provided program locations. This program may retry if the maximum retry count has not been reached.
  2. Failed to Install Updates(s) , Error Code : 0x80070667, Invalid command line argument. Consult the windows installer sdk for detailed command line help.

These are 2 errors which are causing maximum damage for this month adobe update deployment this month.

I have cleared the DP’s , updated the package, reran all the machine policies.

Issue still persists. Any help would be great.

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    Have you check the metadata for Adobe patches because in some cases if you have 3rd party module enable sometime metadata is not published to WSUS due to this patches not able to download.
    Republish the metadata from 3rd party console and then retry.

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    How are you deploying Adobe updates? And I assume you’re talking about Adobe Reader?
    Are you using the supersedence method or SCUP catalog?

    This right here indicates your issue: “Invalid command line argument”.
    Check you command line parameters.


      Adobe Flash Player 32-bit/64-bit PPAPI
      Adobe Flash Player 32-bit/64-bit Plugin
      Adobe Flash Player 32-bit/64-bit ActiveX
      Adobe Flash Player 32-bit/64-bit ActiveX

      These are deployed through SCCM, We have 3rd party Updates enabled environment. And these are deployed as normal SUG.

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