It is related interview question for SCCM


1. tell about CMG – how to implement and configured
2. Tell about Co-Management – how to implement and configured
3. Tell About OSD
4. Scenario – if ABC company migrated in another company so what requirement should be collect from that company and how u will migrate systems in sccm.
5. Scenario – DP is not working and need to create new DP so what will be the steps
6. Tell about SCCM upgrade procedure

What are the best answer for above questions. Please share in details.

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    I cant find required answer to my question in mentioned link.

    • It’s there in the link, but it’s not a direct answer the technical answer is there in the link.

      One example – tell about CMG – how to implement and configured

      There are CMG-related questions and answers and … you will find all the answers required over there 😀

      Best answer
  1. We think most of these questions are answered in
    Have you already checked this?

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