On Feb i realized that KB4537764 been replaced by KB4537806.

Now i could not see KB4537806 in “All software updates” was it superseded or replaced by any other update.

We have few VM showing vulnerable to CVE-2020-0674 which was patched in february security update KB4537764

How to fix this.

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  1. It’s there in all software updates

  2. Because it’s not there in WSUS

  3. I have “security Monthly quality rollup” evaluated during the time of ADR.
    But the SUG do not have the update. It only have “security only update and cumulative update only”
    May i know the reason for this please

  4. you will get this in the KB article itself …

    If it’s not there … that means ..no there is no replacement

  5. Thank you.

    Can you help me how to find the replacement KB information

  6. It doesn’t matter whether it’s zero day patch or not. You can use the above mentioned method to import that patch to WSUS manually.

    As per Microsoft doc it clearly states that it won’t be available in WSUS. So you might need to update in a manual way.

    Best answer
  7. Thank You.

    1. Can you please tell me why servers are reported as vulnerable to CVE-2020-0674 ?

    2. Servers in which KB4537764 was installed is also showing as vulnerable
    and server not have KB4537764 is showing as vulnerable.

    3. Do we need to have this patch itself -KB4537764
    (or) which update we need to import now

  8. The patch is not available in Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) -No

    Check out….

    I follow Kannan’s guide https://www.anoopcnair.com/zero-day-patch-missing-from-sccm/

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