Keep Both Windows 10 and 11 ADK on the Same Primary Server


Hi All,

I’m going to upgrade my current SCCM to v2309. I ran the precheck requirements already, and everything is green. However, I have a question about Windows ADK. I currently have Windows 10 ADK installed on the primary server. Should I uninstall it and then install Windows 11 ADK? Am I able to keep both Windows 10 and 11 ADK on the same primary server?
Please advise and TIA!

Posted by Wilson Liao in HTMD FB Group

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  1. Replied by Anthony Ferino

    Always install the latest SDK and boot image your version of Configmgr supports. You cannot have two versions, But new versions are fully capable for older OS deployments.

    Replied by Wilson Liao

    Anthony Ferino, thank you!

    Replied by Madalin Gabriel

    Anthony Ferino, but still not necessary if the ADK is compatible with the server version and sccm console…

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