Laptop Sleep Option Disappearing with August Patch KB4565349


We are facing laptop sleep option disappear issue for some random users after installing August month comulatative update for windows 10 version 1809 x64 (KB4565349) If we uninstall this patch sleep option appear again but we don’t want to exclude the patch. Did anyone faced this issue with August patches or have fix for this issue?

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    closing the thread as no response


    Sleep option as well disappeared from Power Options –> Shutdown settings.
    I will open case with MS on this issue, Thanks.


    Please try to manually enable sleep setting from Power Options and see if it helps. If yes, a powershell script can be deployed while this issue is being investigated by MS.

  1. Hello – I could see only two known issues with this Windows 10 patch KB4565349

    1. After installing KB4550969 or later, when using Microsoft Edge Legacy, you might receive the error,”0x80704006. Hmmmm…can’t reach this page” when attempting to reach websites on non-standard ports. Any website that uses a port listed in the Fetch Standard specification under bad ports or port blocking might cause this issue.

    2. After installing KB4493509, devices with some Asian language packs installed may receive the error, “0x800f0982 – PSFX_E_MATCHING_COMPONENT_NOT_FOUND.”

    My recommendation is to raise a ticket with Microsoft and if this is a known issue, you won’t get charged ….

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