Latest Software Updates not Populated in SCCM Console



I am trying to sync upto  2021 -07 date software updates, but it is showing only past years like 2017 to 2018 year software updates only

I have configured all  required Products and Classifications but no luck

I believe someone is helping on this


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  1. Have you checked wsyncmgr.log

    I’m sure you have already watched this video … and this is the basics that you need to check

    I don’t know what are the troubleshooting steps you have already completed? Also check the following logs ( and let us know what you can see

    SUPSetup.log Installation Logs for SUP role
    WCM.log Records details about the SUP configuration
    WSUSCtrl.log Records details about the configuration, database connectivity, and health of the WSUS server for the site.
    wsyncmgr.log Records details about the software updates sync process.

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