Machine Report to our SCCM Collections without Running Repair


Is there a way to make the machine report to our SCCM collections without always running repair? Our current situation is after we image the machine and joined it to the domain we run SCCM client repair to just make it report. What I want is I’ll install SCCM, and make it report automatically once joined to the domain or once its startups.

Posted by Raymund Matias in HTMD FB Group

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    Replied by Thomas Mike
    I think there’s a way to reset the sccm client config before you capture the image so it will reinitialize itself as a new client when you deploy the image. Used to do this with Citrix images back in the day. Can’t remember many details about it though

    Replied by Jason Cutts
    You can use the build and capture task sequence, add a pause, install the apps and it should work. I do agree, this is a very antiquated method and takes a lot to manage. One of the best things I ever did where I work is move away from thick images, so much more flexible


    Replied by Antonio Fisher
    Sounds like you are building your image outside of SCCM? Honestly, I recommend using a Task Sequence and including the client. But since you’re already on a different path just use a group policy to get the client on all machines. Set the client check-in rates from the Default client.
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    Raymund Matias
    Antonio Fisher yes we are using Acronis for reimaging. task sequence in sccm?

    Antonio Fisher
    Raymund Matias yes you can use OSD Task Sequence from SCCM to image and reimage devices. This also allows you to directly inject the SCCM client into the image.


    Replied by Anthony Ferino
    Raymund Matias, You can use a custom image, just remove the Configmgr client from it and use a task sequence to deploy it. The task sequence will install the client and register the device.

    Replied by के के तामाङ
    How u r performing imaging using SCCM? There is no need to repair SCCM clients if you use SCCM OSD (OSD with MDT) correctly.


    Replied by Kostas Krithiotis
    Corjan de Vos, sometimes there is a need to build an image and pre-install applications that cannot be installed with a task sequence. The solution to the duplicate guide is to generalize the image before capturing it. Sccm has a built-in wizard for that

    Replied by Corjan de Vos
    Kostas Krithiotis I’m managing sccm for 30 to 40 different companies. There was never a situation that I could not install an application with Sccm. It is always possible with just silent install or repackaging the whole app. But it’s true what you say, you need to Sysprep the sccm agent with the wizard or just by hand because it’s pretty easy.


    Replied by Remon Nagy
    Do u install fresh windows build or an Image as seems to me duplicate GUIs?

    Replied by Raymund Matias
    Remon Nagy We build the machine manually then we capture it as an image. We have a lot of clients and users.

    Replied by Corjan de Vos
    Raymund Matias is so old-fashioned. Why not create a Task sequence with the Wim image of the OS you want. In that Task sequence you then also add the Sccm agent and other software you want

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