Machines are getting failed while scanning, this happend right after enabling bits throttling on devices due to covid19 users are working in home


Hello All,

We have 3 different environment with 3 different CAS, since friday after enabling BITS throttling scanning is failed on all 3 environment. Not sure if the BITS has caused the issue.




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    Hi Umar,

    Given below SQL query will provide detailed information about the all machines SUP scan report. Using the report you can get the status if the scan is failed and with error code.
    Start work on the fixing the error code.

    distinct Vrs.name0 as ‘ComputerName’,
    os.caption0 as ‘OSName’,
    Vrs.user_name0 as ‘UserName’,
    convert(nvarchar(26),ws.lasthwscan,100) as ‘LastHWScan’,
    convert(nvarchar(26),uss.LastScanTime,100) as ‘LastSUPScan’,
    uss.lasterrorcode as ‘LastSUPScanStatus’,
    uss.lastscanpackagelocation as ‘SUPLocationPath’
    from v_r_system as Vrs
    Left join v_gs_operating_system as os on os.resourceid=Vrs.resourceid
    Left join v_GS_WORKSTATION_STATUS as ws on ws.resourceid=Vrs.resourceid
    Left join v_updatescanstatus as uss on uss.ResourceId=Vrs.ResourceID
    order by uss.lasterrorcode



    Hello Anoop,

    Machines are failing to scan and we can see the below error.

    0x8024000f in wuahandler.log


    Can you check the BITs event log to get more details about the issue?

    Also, check SCCM Client – Software Update Troubleshooting –

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