Machines not rebooted even supress reboot option is not enabled after patch deployment


Hi all,
I have set manadatory (required) patch deployment 15 days back to 10000 machines without suppressing reboot

But, we have found around 500 machines are pending from reboot from more than a week

Our reboot client setting is set to 3 Hrs

Please help me in sorting why these machines not rebooted automatically

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    Both Anoop and Jitesh have provided some valuable info.

    For your servers, I hope you are using Maintenance Windows. If you are and if your MWs are less than the 3 hour reboot time, then they are likely not going to happen. Create a new Client Setting for your server collections with a much shorter reboot time, like 15 minutes.


    First thing I shall check maintenance window setting and RebootCoordinator.log

    Can you check the policy in the registry

    HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate\AU value?

    0: disable automatic reboot after update installation at scheduled time
    1: enable automatic reboot after update installation at ascheduled time

    15-180: set automatic reboot to occur after given minutes

    2: notify for download and notify for installation of updates
    3: automatically download and notify for installation of updates
    4: Automatically download and schedule installation of updates
    5: allow the local admin to configure these settings
    Note: To configure restart behavior, set this value to 4

    0: disable do not reboot if users are logged on
    1: do not reboot after an update installation if a user is logged on
    Note: If disabled : Automatic Updates will notify the user that the computer will automatically restart in 5 minutes to complete the installation

    More details –

    Best answer

    Hello Kapil, As you already updated you haven’t suppressed reboot.

    -Hopefully you already verified the client Restart Settings, checked User Experiences > Device restart behavior.
    – Validate if there’s any overlapping settings are not applied to machines.
    – Analyse RebootCoordinator.log

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