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Hi All,

Looking for some suggestions. We have a bunch of machines that we build with OSD., so there is no Windows recovery partition on them anymore. We are moving to Intune for our builds. So I created a TS that will wipe the device, partition it and put a fresh OS on the device. Upload the hardware hash to Intune. This is working fine for all our models except one Dell. It gets to the Dell splash screen and keeps rebooting.

Posted by Joe Terracciano in HTMD FB Group

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  1. Replied by MichÆl Courville

    Joe Terracciano, I’ve seen that too, and it’s usually because of drivers. I’ve used the workaround by flipping it to AHCI, but Dell never listens and keeps shipping it with RAID. Once we updated the driver package to the latest version, it no longer mattered.

    Replied by Joe Terracciano

    Kevin, that’s what the issue was thanks

    Replied by Joe Terracciano

    Gonna see about formatting the drive properly to see if that works instead of manually changing it on each machine

    Replied by Kevin Ron Bonus

    Joe Terracciano, you can see about running Dell Command & Update. Attach it to your TS to change raid to ahci.

  2. Replied by Kevin Ron Bonus

    It’s not an exact scenario, but I had issues before imaging on a specific Dell latitude. The reason was the name was set to RAID. I had to flip them to AHCI.

    Replied by Joe Terracciano

    Kevin, thanks. I will take a look at that. I have a feeling it is something dumb because there isn’t much to this process.

    Replied by Kevin Ron Bonus

    Ya, apparently, they shipped 1500 L3440s in RAID mode to us, which was odd, but whatever, lol! I did eventually inject a RAID driver and it worked fine

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