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In my organization there are few applications that are mandatory and we push it via SCCM. Lets take an example of app Teams. Tomorrow, if the application get some issue and Service Desk wants to uninstall and re-install from Software center , they can’t do that. As all required app will not have uninstall option available or in other word it will be greyed out for them.

I want to know, what is the best practice other org follows to manage this situation. Earlier we use to publish Teams on Application catalog , which solve my above issue, but since MS has decommission this role from 1910 version , I am not sure how best can I handle this situation. Any suggestion please.


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    1. While creating application make sure you setup the Install and Uninstall command line.
    2. In mandatory deployment, make sure you select “Display in Software Center and show all notifications”
    3. Users / Service desk should be able to access Software Center | Installed Application | select the application and perform uninstall and then install (as required)


      I tried this, as soon as the app gets installed uninstall button will be greyed out. Even if you have define the both install and uninstall cmd in a applciation


    As far as i know this is available by default for us. This setting you need to select.


    This is all depend on agreement and management how you want to manage your environment.generally we create both install and uninstall programs for applications, and deploy them in both collections one for install and another for uninstall.
    so if anyone wants to do the uninstall then they add computers in uninstall collection, then SD can do uninstallation of app then do the reinstall by removing computer from uninstall collection.


      yes, this can be an option but for every time user need to visit service desk. I was looking for an option that user can do it by themselves without raising a concern.


    You can deploy a new application with “Uninstall” instead of “Install” to remove the previous application and this will also make it “Required” by default.

    The other option is to use the Supersedence method like I presented today. In the Supersedence tab of the application, and under the Supersedence Relationship window, you can select the checkbox for “uninstall” which will uninstall the previous deployment type and install a new one configured.


    Hello – This is a great use case of application catalog !

    I don’t have answer to this question.

    I will let others share how they handle this kind of a situation.

    one option .. I can think of is make an UNINSTALL deployment as available for teams?

    is that even possible?

    Also, I need to check whether there is any user voice item for the Re-install option for Mandatory apps?

    If in case it’s there in UserVoice and approved by MS, then probably we will have this option in upcoming versions of SCCM.

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