MECM 2002 : Application download step is stuck during OSD


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Recently upgraded my environment from MECM 1910 to 2002 version, reason for upgrade from 1910 version was a known bug that random clients on VPN are not receiving application policy for deployments.MS confirmed that yes it is known bug and suggested to upgrade to 2002.

Post upgrading environment to 2002, now have seen one more issue which is not documented anywhere , the Install application step in task sequence remains stucks in ‘Waiting for content’ during OSD for hours and task sequence doesnt moves further.

This only happens during the OSD from PXE enabled distribution points and only for Install application step not for packages.

If i change the SCCM client package from 2002 version to 1910 version in ‘Setup Windows and ConfirMgr’ step everything works again and machine build fine from PXE enabled DP.This kind of issue was highlighted in 1706 version as well for which MS released a hotfix.

Now MS is suggesting to upgrade to 2006 version.


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