Microsoft o365 patches failed to download with error 0x80200061


Hi …. I am having very low compliance in my o365 patching  … almost 2k devices  are not able to download the office 365 patches to the cache from Microsoft website. The error it throws is 0x80200061.  When looked at Google all say to install sccm 2006 hot fix but we have already installed. Please help here . I can upload the logs too.


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    Have you found a solution? Google has information that this error may be related to language selection


    It’s a Bug and MS is working on it.

    Recommendation is to deploy O365 in separate SUG and give atleast one day gap between normal update and O365.

    This error is because of time out while downloading O365 update and impacting the download of normal update same error code.

    DTS job cancelled due to time-out

  1. Hello Amulya! Can you check out this below Microsoft Forum thread and validate suggestion, let us update with your findings and complete logs for further help.



      Hello Jithesh,

      I have gone through the blog and language selection isn’t the issue here.

      I will be posting the logs . Please check and let me know

  2. The first thing I will look at is the client version.

    The client should be updated to the latest version of ConfigMgr

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