Migrate sccm from on premise to azure



I have standalone primary site version 1910 and there’s need to move the sccm server from on prem to azure and decommission the on premise one, Looking for detailed steps or kind of checklist thing, list of known issues and things to take care off like database, networking, etc.

I see ExtendMigrateToAzure in my current version, so most probably follow the method in this url: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/mem/configmgr/core/support/azure-migration-tool
let me know if anyone already done this?


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  1. You are in the correct direction … that tool is the recommendation by Microsoft

    Also see how Microsoft IT moved their on prem servers to Azure https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/itshowcase/migrating-system-center-configuration-manager-on-premises-infrastructure-to-microsoft-azure

    This would be very useful for you

    I build the test lab in Azure https://www.anoopcnair.com/setup-configmgr-lab-infrastructure-in-azure/

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