Migrating and Upgrading SCCM 1810 path


Hi What are the ways have taken to upgrade their SCCM environment.

We are currently Server 2012, SQL 2012, SCCM 1810 with global DP’s all Server 2012.

Has anyone been succesful using the Migration Task’s within SCCM?  Seems more daunting as creating new Site code and setting up new SCCM hierarchy.

Read Anoop’s migration documentation on Backup and recover site seems more safer.  I plan to follow this path as backup current site setup new Server 2019 and then recover SCCM on new server and then upgrade SCCM / SQL? Then inplace upgrade server O/S on Secondary and DP’S?

What is the way anyone else has upgraded and migrated to new OS on their SCCM environment?

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    Hi just so you are aware and to keep everyone upto date on this situation we are looking more into the active/passive site server configuration of SCCM. Has anyone used this before?


    I have been part of two migration projects one from SCCM 2007 to SCCM 1511 and another one from on prem to azure.

    Always a new parallel environment has been configured and side by side migration has been done to a new site code, once completed old environment has been decommissioned.

    Yes it takes a proper plan and lot of working hours but if your customer is paying you for the resources it is the best and safest approach which I feel with no downtime.

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      Hi Ankit thanks for your feedback, can you provide a bit more info as to how your scenarios were done?

      Did you use Active Passive?


        Yes we are having single primary site with Active and passive feature, we also have two management points server which have all the required roles installed, content library is also remote.

  1. Hello – Your current state (“We are currently Server 2012, SQL 2012, SCCM 1810 with global DP’s all Server 2012.”) is good to perform OS upgrade for all the servers.

    I know it’s very difficult to convince the server team for an OS in-place upgrade. But, my recommendation to take that way. Because that will save a lot of men hours.

    Side by side migration (with the new site code) with migration jobs are loads of work – I personally won’t suggest
    Backup and restore is also not a very easy method when you are thinking about different OS versions etc…


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