Migrating Bitlocker management from MBAM to SCCM


The MBAM support portals and database is hosted on an independent server.

I have upgraded to 1910 and my Software assurance for MDOP- MBAM has expired. I have an urgent requirment to now start managing Bitlocker from SCCM.

I have enabled a managementmpoint for HTTPS communication.

Enrolled client certificates for HTTPS communication.

There are around 3000 devices.

I have to know migrate the MBAM database to my SCCM, so that the data is available in SCCM to be managed for the existing device.

How do I do that, I am a little worried if any record gets corrupt, that might have a huge impact

So how to achieve this. I’ll appreciate your help Anoop. You’ve been always a saviour.

Kindly suggest. Thankyou


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