Migrating from SECP/Windows Security >> McAfee Antivirus



My organization recently purchased McAfee antivirus solution for Workstations/Servers.

Till now, we were using the Microsoft SCEP managed by SCCM Server.

What will be the approach to migrate from SCEP to McAfee..

Manage Endpoint protection on client computer >> Do we Turn it OFF/NO

Will installing McAfee disable the SCEP antivirus of its own.

Anything needs to be taken care of….

Migration will start after 2 days..


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Deepak Verma 4 days 2021-09-14T16:40:27+05:30 1 Answer 6 views Beginner 0

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  1. I have not done any of these types of migrations. But what I have seen is ..when you install any 3rd party antivirus (SEP or Mcafee), the defender will go into a silent mode where most of defender components will go into an inactive mode.

    You can try to test this in staging environment.

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