Migrating from SECP/Windows Security >> McAfee Antivirus



My organization recently purchased McAfee antivirus solution for Workstations/Servers.

Till now, we were using the Microsoft SCEP managed by SCCM Server.

What will be the approach to migrate from SCEP to McAfee..

Manage Endpoint protection on client computer >> Do we Turn it OFF/NO

Will installing McAfee disable the SCEP antivirus of its own.

Anything needs to be taken care of….

Migration will start after 2 days..


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    Adding to Anoop Sir’s comment.
    Deepak Verma if you are not upto it and it’s completely your decision if SCEP goes or stays then you can use both parallelly.

    More details explained pros and cons https://smallbusiness.chron.com/run-windows-defender-mcafee-same-time-47310.html

    Either SCEP or McaFee you need to remember one thing that most critical parts in your infrastructure would be exchange and DC’s. So whatever you do just be careful and make sure not to mess anything there. Apart from that rest all should be ok.

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  1. I have not done any of these types of migrations. But what I have seen is ..when you install any 3rd party antivirus (SEP or Mcafee), the defender will go into a silent mode where most of defender components will go into an inactive mode.

    You can try to test this in staging environment.

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