Migrating On-Prem Active Directory and MECM Server to a New Domain


Hi All,

Hi everyone! We are planning on migrating our on-prem Windows Active Directory, including all users/devices and the MECM Server, to a new domain. What are some challenges/considerations essential for a smooth transition, especially for the MECM server? Has anyone done it or shared any tips/gotcha moments? Anything would be super helpful.

Posted by Sourav Kumar in HTMD FB Group

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    Replied by Natarajan Thanickachalam

    If only the ad server migrated, take care of your server name and backup. Ensure all permissions are retained and the container is extended. I hope server names will not get changed, and there will be no change on the firewall and network

    Replied by Andre Williams

    OP doesn’t even have the decently to reply to us, but they want us to give them a free consultancy smh

    Replied by Andre Williams

    Just build the bloody box again to many challenges to list… in


    Replied by Tboz Tboz

    Corjan de Vos, can I migrate the Collections and applications?
    I built a new sccm; now the issue is with the task sequence. In the old sccm environment, the renaming of the computer was working fine. But now, on the new one, it’s not working

    Replied by Corjan de Vos

    Tboz Tboz, we created a powershell script to export all apps and packages together with the content. Collections were a bit of a headache because they refer to limiting collections with a unique id, and that is not present in your new environment

    Replied by Tboz Tboz

    Corjan de Vos may you kindly share the script?


    Replied by Corjan de Vos

    I agree with Andre. Build a new sccm environment in the new domain and migrate your devices to that new sccm environment

    Replied by Steve McKee

    Corjan de Vos is what I am currently in my environment.

    Replied by Sourav Kumar

    Thank you, I think that might be the best route.

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