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Hello Leads,

After successful migration of the infrastructure (OS 2012 -MECM 1810 to OS 2016-MECM 2010) with different server names, I will have to migrate the custom reports as well.

I have performed the below tasks but most of the custom reports are having issues, please suggest the right way to migrate the custom reports!!

  1. Imported the reports in rdl format into new environment.
  2. Changed the connector string setting on each report to point to new DB
  3. Created tables which does not exist on new DB
  4. Enabled hw inventory which are required for custom report.

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    Not as such automation that I am aware of that replaces collection ID on your queries because if you have migrated to new environment ID’s will be different and you have to do it manually.



    There is no specific tool to migrate the reports , you have to do it manually.
    The process you are following is right and I have also done that.

    Can you tell what kind of issues you are facing after uploading it to new server?

    Below is one old article but I haven’t used it.


      Hi Ankit,

      As of now we are comparing the queries and identifying missing tables and replacing the correct collection ID , and creating those tables which are missing. This takes a lot of manual efforts.
      I am looking into some Automation steps or some tools which can replace manual efforts as I am not sure if there is any!!!

      Deepa N

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