Migration of SCCM Primary Site Server from AWS to GCP cloud


Hello Friends,

We haveĀ  SCCM primary site server (2111 version) & its database servers hosted in AWS cloud.
Now, my client wants to migrate SCCM from AWS to Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

1> I need guidance & suggestion how to proceed with migration of SCCM servers to GCP platform.
2> Is it possible to migrate SCCM to GCP or do I need to build new management point (MP) server in GCP for primary site which is hosted in AWS.

Kindly help me with above queries.

Thank You.

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Rohit Goud 2022-06-23T00:03:09+05:30 1 Answer 9 views Beginner 0

Answer ( 1 )

  1. Hi Rohit,

    Thanks for reaching HTMD.

    I would suggest please create a new site on the GCP platform and proceed.

    Please let us know if you need any additional information.

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