Missing Clint side SCCM Agent Auctions


Hi ,

I did a 20 systems client installation but Out of 3 missions not came in Actions All

Only 2 Actions came ,in that case what could be reason how resolve

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    Any update on this thread pls ?


    Adding to Jitesh answer follow below steps also:
    1. Check you have boundary is setup correctly for those clients.
    2. Check clientidmanagerstartup.log and see client is getting registered.
    3. Check ccmmessaging.log to check if client communication is happening.
    4. If it doesn’t help uninstall sccm client, delete smscfg.ini file inside C:\Windows
    Delete sccm client from console and again try to install it.

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    Hello, It seems client unable to download policies! Examine the policyagent.log as well ensure locationservices.log has the correct MP.

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