Monthly patches of windows-11


Hi All,

Monthly patches of Windows 11 are showing as compliant in SCCM but are not being installed. But the Windows 10 patch deployed properly from SCCM. Need urgent help from experts 🫡

Posted by Ujjwal Kanthi Dhar in HTMD FB Group



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  1. Replied by RĂºben Almeida

    Try querying WMI on those Windows 11 machines to see which patches they require
    Get-WmiObject -Query “SELECT * FROM CCM_UpdateStatus” -Namespace “rootccmSoftwareUpdatesUpdatesStore” | Select-Object Article,Status,Title | Sort-Object Title

  2. Replied by Sandeep Kumar

    Dual scan may cause the issue

    Replied by Garth Jones

    What do the logs say?

    Replied by Malik Mohd Ashraf

    This might be due to Win11 patches selected not being required to those machines and they showing already compliant, you can cross-check this- pick any patch and try to install it manually. If it gives you message no longer required or not meant for this PC, then

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