Move SCCM DB and SUSDB to Different instance



We’ve SCCM Primary Site CB 1902 and its databases hosted on a clustered SQL server, we are planning to move SUSDB and CM DB from default instance (MSSQLSERVER) to new Instance on the same cluster.

so please I need the sequence should I follow to perform this task


Thanks in advance

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  1. There are specific articles for reporting and WSUS services by Sudhessh inside the first link?


    Thanks, Anoop

    Does the steps provided in the above articles are same for reporting service and wsus Database?

  2. I think the process of this DB migration is same as the normal DB migration even though you are not changing the cluster

    I had gone through this experience long back with SCCM 2007. However, I don’t think nothing much changed in the core process of DB migration in SCCM Current Branch 1902

    I will let you go through

    Deep dive process is explained by #Rajul

    Also more up to date information of SCCM SQL DB migration process is explained

    Backup and restore the database
    Configure SQL Always On and allow the data to replicate
    Migrate a SQL database to an Azure SQL Server VM

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