Moving software update from wsus to sccm


sccm and wsus are in two different servers
all updates through the wsus server using gpo but now I like that the updates have to be with the sccm
In sccm: I added an update role to point to the wsus server and I deploy the updates but the updates do not work
I need a solution how to manage updates through sccm

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    no I did not delete the gpo rules because I need these rules to manage the computers and the servers
    I found that the updates from the wsus servers is simpler and easier than sccm on all at the reporting level
    but I need to manage updates from sccm

  1. First of all you will need to check why is the updates are not working?

    Have you removed the GPO that was already in use for WSUS? I don’t think that GPO is any more required. The end to end patching process is covered here

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