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hello team

there is no changes done in the h/w classes  but this happening since last few weeks. Please let me know if any one come across this issue ?
“MP needs to reload the hardware inventory class mapping table when processing Hardware inventory. The MP hardware inventory manager cannot find a WMI class definition in the mapping table when processing a report. This should only happen if new definitions beyond those known to the site are added to the collected classes.”

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    Server and client hardware classes are not matching properly to get the data on client side using hardware inventory.



    log snaps
    Delta report from client computer name , action description = Hardware
    Hinv: Mapping table marked for reloading.
    Cannot find prop InstanceName on class HP_BIOSOrderedList MP_HinvEndpoint 11/06/2020 13:26:51 10308 (0x2844)
    Cannot find prop InstanceName on class HP_BIOSOrderedList
    Cannot find prop InstanceName on class HP_BIOSEnumeration
    the issue we found is HP bios enumeration is enabled in h/w inventory so just unticked those . but the Mp_HINV.log still shwoing (warning ) even now after the changes done in client settings >h/w inventory.

    intersting fact is : the error only happening with HP computers , and we are in process of migrating from legacy 2007 client to CM . if you run full h/w scan there is no error in MP_Hinv.log

    i am not sure why after CM client installtion its doing delta h/w scan and not full h/w scan ?, any information ?.Team can you please shed any light on this ?

    how to check the DRS replication status for inventory (replication group).
    Select * from vReplicationData just gives me the syninterval

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    Not that am aware or came across or recall something like this.

    Would it possible to share more details like logs or where you are seeing this error ?

    Is it for only one MP in case you have multiple MPs ?

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