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MS teams per machine  mode installation using the below command works fine but do we have any solution to avoid the caching in user profile for shared computer scenario , the main issue is  when its a shared device the disk space is

msiexec /i “Teams_Windows_x64.msi” OPTIONS=”noAutoStart=true”

location1:C:Usersuser profile AppDataRoamingMicrosoftTeams

location 2:C:Usersuser profileAppDataLocalMicrosoftTeams


for example location 1: 800MB and location2: 600MB , so nearly 1.5Gb per user , so if it have 20 users or more , Please help or advise  if any solutions available , i can see some switchs only for vdi

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  1. Shared computer scenario is simlar to VDI or WVD scenario for Microsoft Teams

    If I understand correctly better to go with Machine based installation as explained in the below article

    msiexec /i /l*v ALLUSER=1 ALLUSERS=1

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