Multiple unwanted application and software remove using SCCM


There is a requirement to remove multiple unwanted application and software which were installed. Is there any method to remove software using sccm ? Please help if there any script or process to follow to achieve for bulk application and software removal.


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    thank you for the suggestion.


    just adding here, you can get application uninstall GUID from registry and you can add those command in TS to uninstall the applications in bulk, which can be silent,

    first you need to do some exercise and get all the information what are the unwanted application are installed, and which you need to uninstall from computers then you need to make list and some test,


    You can easily uninstall applications from computers using SCCM.
    Create an application as usual with the proper command line and detection method on where this application is located on the computers.

    Then, when you deploy the application, in the Deployment Settings step, under “Specify settings to control how this software is deployed”, you select “Uninstall” from the drop down box and follow the wizard to complete the deployment.

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    It depends on which type of apps

    – You can use PowerShell script to remove those apps if they are store apps – we have discussed some of them here

    – If it’s Win32 or normal MSI EXE based applications – You need to run an uninstall program from SCCM application or package deployments

    Does this make sense?

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