Need SQL query to get all applications /packages which are there in software center.


Hi All ,

Need SQL query to get all applications /packages which are there in software center.

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Ketan Kamble

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    The procedure which I follow is to maintain an excel sheet over one drive for all application and packages in my environment and is shared with SD and other team members, you can get a report of that with query already shared.
    Try to maintain a column with comments in it , it will be a one time activity but when in place then the sheet can be maintained by your team so whenever a new application is added it should be entered in that excel as well so everyone is aware about with comments.


    Yes that’s what I suggested . But again some classic managers you know , the need a excel sheet or report with these details 😉


    Request is for SD – To give them a report access for applications present in software center.

    So they will come to know which application is linked to which group from software center.

    • To be honest that would be an overkill for reports in that use case…

      You should have some read-only access to the SD so that they can see which collection is used for the deployments etc…

  1. Well, interesting request… any specific reason for this report?

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