Need to create custom report for software metering.

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Hi expert,

I need help to create custom report for software metering to see usages details of Adobe acrobat Standard & pro. Rule is already created. i need SQL query to get report as i have attached.
Required report
Distinct SCCM Software Metering Report Sections
Details : Shows the name of the device, username
Rule Name : Display the Software Metering rule name
Collection Name : Show the selected collection name
Month without usage: Display the period of time that the software hasn’t run. Green means less than a month.
Last Usage : Shows details about the last date the software has been executed
Last Hardware : The last hardware inventory time

I have written query but not getting any return output.

when sud.EndTimeLocal > GETDATE()-30 then ‘< 1 month’
when sud.EndTimeLocal > GETDATE()-60 and sud.EndTimeLocal < GETDATE()-30 then ‘betweem 1 and 2 months’
when sud.EndTimeLocal > GETDATE()-180 and sud.EndTimeLocal < GETDATE()-60 then ‘betweem 2 and 6 months’
else ‘> 6 months’
end as ‘Months Without Usage’,
sud.EndTimeLocal as ‘Last Usage’
from v_GS_SoftwareUsageData sud
inner join v_R_System vrs on vrs.ResourceID=sud.ResourceID
inner join v_FullCollectionMembership fcm on fcm.ResourceID = vrs.ResourceID
inner join v_Collection c on c.CollectionID = fcm.CollectionID
where sud.FileName = ‘Adobe.exe’
and c.CollectionID = ‘xxxxxxx’

Report Description – List of all devices that have run a specific Software Metering Rule which are member of the selected collection.


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  1. Software Metering has some default report…
    you can use that report builder and default reports to make custom reports.. if you want to

    Or you can this tip using log file to build custom reports SCCM metering

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