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Hi Team,

we are building new image windows 10 – 1909 in our environment using the SCCM task sequence and planning to deploy in offline media.

There is an option to ” set windows and configuration manager ” in task sequence, I believe it is for to inbuild sccm client app. If we remove the sccm client install option, other apps are not deploying properly.

Need advise, how to create the image without inbuilt sccm client option,

Please advise,



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    Thanks Anoop for your reply,

    Our actual problem is, below error we are getting when we launch the software center after machine build ( before joining AAD domain ) and also after joined to AAD domain.
    We have tried manual reinstall, then software center works, so we are planning to reinstall the app using Intune ( if we don’t have an option to exclude the sccm client in image ).
    Hence I was checking, if we can exclude the sccm client in image it self. so that we can push

    Software Center
    ” software center cannot be loaded. there is a problem loading the required components for software center. You can try launching software center at a later time, you can contact your helpdesk.”

    Any help

    • I’m a bit confused there is nothing called aad domain.

      Do you mean azure ad join?

      Your devices are domain join or azure ad join

      How the Authentication is handled in your organisation?

      It depends all these components that how software center works

      Best answer
  1. Test11 – I think you are missing something here

    SCCM client is helping us to install apps

    If you don’t install SCCM clients how the apps will get installed?

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