Need to move all my Devices to AAD from On prem Environment


Dear All,

Just one query in MEM, I have Windows 10 and Windows 7 joined to on-premise. And my environment is hybrid now (users sync with Azure AD).

I want to move all the users to cloud only, and get rid of On-prem AD. So now how I can move all the devices to cloud, meaning. on-prem domain joined to Azure AD joined. (not hybrid).

Also, once the devices moved permanently to cloud AD only, I need all the old user profiles to be cached with login ID.

Also, I want to know is there any risk associated with it

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  1. It’s a big project in itself.

    Kerberos to SAML – All your LOB apps are based on SAML authentication

    Are you OK with all the automation tasks based on AD?

    Are you ok to rebuild all physical and virtual devices? Domain join to Azure AD Join journey!

    How do you migrate file servers?



      Yes, I am ok with all the installed applications if they moved to AAD, those are already tested, and its working fine.
      Now my main concern is using Intunes can we achieve this or is there any other option also the other point is how do if machines joined with AAD will be removed from the previously joined domain.
      Also, the user’s profile is moved and users are able to access it.

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        Intune can support all the technical scenarios if understand correctly.

        The only way to Hybrid AAD or Domain Join migration to Azure AD Join is to rebuild the machines!

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