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Recently we try to upgrade SCCM CB 2010 to 2203 but it upgrade correctly. We have done many troubleshooting like reset configuration manager settings etc. but still issue is not resolved. Now we have decided to rebuild primary server so which option will be better.

  1. if we want same site server name, site code then we need to decommissioned sccm primary server and use that for rebuilding.
  2. side by side deploy new server with different name and site code. it like everything new setup like fresh from scratch. how we can manage or reassigned site code and site name using any another method where sccm client is already installed.

What will be challenges in this both scenario.

Note – We dont want to restore old backup for point 1.

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  1. Hi Ashish,

    First of all thanks for reaching out in the HTMD forum.

    I would suggest you can go with the new server with a new site name. Before building a new infrastructure you can decommission your old site. Even if the client is already installed with the old site code still you can reinstall the client with a new one.

    Please refer to the below link to build a new site. Please reach us if you have any other questions. Waiting for your reply.

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