Need to scrap my Secondary Site Server but the replication link has been failed with Primary Site Server


Hi Team,

We are in the phase of removing Secondary Site server from SCCM.

But before this,the replication has got failed between Primary & Secondary site server.The Secondary site server had some hardware failure and it will not be back online anymore.
Hence, my management decided to remove the Secondary Site from SCCM and wants to route the clients to Primary Site only.

Need to know, how to remove Secondary Site from SCCM if the Secondary site server is in offline mode.

What are the steps that we need to use for removing entries from SCCM Console,SQL DB,etc. so that my Primary Site will consider that it donot have any secondary site in the environment.

I am using SCCM 1910.

Thanks & Regards,

Rohit Goud

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    Preinst.EXE is the tool you should use in this situation with parameter

    preinst /DELSITE

    Many other great use of this tool

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