Need to upgrade DP servers base OS to Windows Server 2019


Hello Friends,

I am handling SCCM infra of version 2002 with 40-DP servers.
All these DP servers have base operating system either Windows Server 2012,2012 R2 or 2016.
We need to upgrade all these DP’s OS to the latest server OS 2019.

I want to know, If I do in-place upgrade then do I have to re-install DP server role on each server,

or else

I have to 1st uninstall DP role, format the server, install new OS 2019 and then promote the server back as DP server ???

Which option is good ???

Please update me asap.
Thank You.

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    Yes, you are correct.



    I have never tried the option of upgrading the OS in DP servers. I would prefer to upgrade the OS and DP functionality to remain the same.

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