Need Visual Studio 2012 uninstall package


Hi Team,

I got requirement for uninstall visual studio from vdi. We do not have uninstall package.

I do not have packaging knowledge and we do not have packaging team as well.

Can we do this in some other way. Please help me on this. Thank you.

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  1. Not sure which version you are using but you may try this option

    Create Uninstall Program using command line –
    “vs_enterprise.exe –uninstall –passive –norestart”

    If you are using app model – Try using the below detection method for performing Uninstall.

    File Detection path
    “%ProgramFiles%Microsoft Visual Studio2017EnterpriseCommon7IDE

  2. Do you have a package to install Visual Studio 2012 ultimate edition?

    If so, do use that program to get uninstallation command

    C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Visual StudioInstallervs_installer.exe

    Some examples here

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  3. It’s Visual Studio 2012 ultimate edition

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