Need your advise / Suggestion on SCCM 1906 maintenance Task


We are all experiencing a truly unprecedented situation COVID-19, for that to avoid impact with SCCM Client,

before changes- setting like – in attachment

after we changes setting because- to maintain system in database for compliance purpose-

Inactive client suppose due to lock down situation – inactive client may be desktop or Laptop which is not connected over LAN or due  bad Host name client status as Inactive. as default setting client hardware information will remove that situation will not happen , we made changes in task. – find the attachment ..

find the attached details – suggest  is there impact if task change with Compliance or SLA>

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    First of check the status of maintenance task

    The status is available in console itself

    Otherwise you can check sql query

    More on this inactive client issue

    Hopefully the following post will give more details

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    Hello, I am unable to see attachments. Please add some details for help!



    That totally depends on you environment,some or the other we all are facing the same issue.
    For best practice you should refer to below docs by Microsoft.

    If you want that you need most of the computer should be available in you sccm as you will need it once this pandemic situation is over you should consider below tasks on priority and configure the days accordingly.( Maybe 180 days?)

    1. Delete Inactive client discover data.
    2. Delete Aged client operations.
    3. Delete Aged discovery data.

    You should also consider the client activity tab inside monitoring and choose accordingly when should be client show as Inactive.

    Also look at the heartbeat and system discovery options.

    Note: Changing anything related scan settings like hardware,software scan etc. You should keep in mind bandwidth , server performance configured in your environment.

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