Need your help and advice. CMG implmention & Costing with version SCCM 1906- what is CMG cost for 13k client managmenet


Hello Sir,

Currently we are using SCCM 1906 version, for internet source client we are using IBCM. & in our infra we are using customize OS

Below OS. where we deploy express patches – every one path size suppose

all OS – till 8gb maximum.

windows 10 1607 enterprize OS
windows 10 1903 enterprize OS
windows 10 1507 enterprize OS

Here we are planning for go with CMG. for that require details.

what are prerequisites enable CMG if you have steps by steps docx or articles please share…& what are cost for 13k client.

in 13k client – patch deployment – suppose size every month 8gb. then what is cost applicable

& for other application package or deployment –  for that we need to pay separately cost or is this cost invole in one package. for CMG.

if suppose hardware inventory or software inventory over the CMG – for that what cost applicable. – or this include in one package of CMG cost.

suppose we are planning for next 6months or 1years . so what is cost we need to pay what procedures. please help to complete details.



Dinesh G





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  1. Here’s the cost estimation overview for using CMG presented by Johan that might help you to know more!


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