new CMG shows as ‘Disconnected’


We have added a new CMG in a different Subscription than the existing CMG. All has gone well but the new CMG shows as ‘Disconnected’ certs seem good, I can see in Azure all looks good. The MP that the new CMG is on does not create a ‘SMS_CLOUD_PROXYCONNECTOR.log’ though.. cannot see any error in any other log

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    Yes I know about Connection Analyser, but simply point to not connected, which is the issue listed in the OP


      Check whether the system account of new Proxy Connector is having permission on primary site. Also check whether it’s able to access the remote registry and inbox folders on primary site.

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      Hey one more favor. Can you please confirm the deployment model at Azure End? Is it classic or ARM?

      If you’re in Classic you’ll be doing everything independently. … ARM allows you to group the resources together as a group.


      Sorry for the spam. Forgot to attach link.

      Current limitations for a CMG:

      If you require more than one CMG instance, they all have to use the same deployment method.

      It’s only supported with a standalone primary site.

      It doesn’t support Azure US Government Cloud environments.

      Configuration Manager currently creates the Azure storage container based on the name of the resource group. Azure has different naming requirements for resource groups and storage containers. Make sure the name of the resource group for this service only has lowercase letters, numbers, and hyphens. If you have an existing resource group that doesn’t work, rename it in the Azure portal, or create a new resource group.


    Hello – I normally start CMG troubleshooting with Connection Analyzer.

    Have you already tried this?

    P.S – I never used a different subscription in the same SCCM hierarchy.

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