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Hi ,

Our existing SCCM (2002)solution is One primary site with two distribution points and we managing more than 10000 assets currently  .I have new requirement to manage few clients ( around 300) in different network in various clusters ( Prod A , Prod B and Dev ) .the main purpose of the solution is Patch management .

What will be the best approach to meet the above requirements. They looking one site system in each cluster with MP,DP and SUP roles.To control the client traffic with in site system and the site system can communicate  primary server.

Will that be right approach ?

If yes ,How we need to configure the WSUS in the secondary site for SUP installation ? Are we able to use the existing SUSDB for the Site system WSUS installation .

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    Thanks for your advise Anoop .

    On the AD prospective all the environment falls under the same domain.

    Due to security requirement , They built this new environment in the private cloud and they dont want expose the client traffic to Primary site .It has to be controlled with in the site level.

    One of my big concern is , How i can set up the software update point in the remote site.
    I hope we need to install the WSUS in each remote site server.
    Can we use the existing SUSDB ( Primary ) for the WSUS configuration .

  1. I think this is good design but try to avoid additional sccm remote site systems as well wherever possible

    When you say different network, does that mean, untrusted forests or are there any security requirement that it needs to separated

    Or you can use peer to peer or client cache options to avoid putting up more sccm site system servers

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