Not getting All SCCM Client Actions



Not showing all Actions in Client side Configuration Manager

Have showing 2 Actions

What could be reason behind on this

SMS Agent installed

Policyg¬† got received…


Thank you

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    Is it happening for one machine or number of machines?

    1.Check if there are two entries with same hostname in console.
    2. Also check SMBIOS GUID of machine and see if you find any other hostname with same GUID.
    3. Are boundary and boundary groups properly configured?
    4. Delete the client from console, delete SMSCFG.ini file from client inside windows folder and again try to install client.

    Best answer
  1. The client is not registered properly with the server.

    ClientIDManager.log is the first one to check ..also check policyagent and policyeval.log to get more details.

    And in console check, whether the client is approved or client installed yes or not

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