Not Papuleting Deployed Application in Software Center Client System



I  have Deployed  Business application Client systems so not Papuleting Software Center in particular Deployment

What could be reason on that


Thank you


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  1. No response hence closing the thread.

  2. Do you know what is the status showing in the console status of the application!!

    Also do you know how to check the logs ?

    Do you know which collection is used for this application

    Best answer

      In SCCM Console Showing Complete Application status
      But not showing up Software Center
      Policy agent
      Police evaluat
      App discovery
      App intent
      Content Trancefore
      Data Transfer
      App enforcement

      We are deployed new collection like arround 340+
      Logs information like Policys got received Systems but not Papuleting
      But server said everything is fine

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