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I seem to have an issue just come up which means that the date/time in the SCCM console is not updating for  Software scans. They seem to show ok if I query v_GS_LastSoftwareScan via Management Studio, but they are not updating in the console.
I tried running a site reset and it picked up all the scans for the last 28 hours (when it seems to have last updated them successfully), but has not updated in the 4 hours since I did the site reset. I can see traffic going through the MP_Hinv.log which appears to go through without any errors as well as Client logs are active, WMI is good.

I followed every other articles in internet to resolve the software scan issue.
Where should I be looking next to work out what is happening?
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    Hopefully you are able to fix this issue. Let us know … closing this thread for now.


    Do you have any issues with time server (dc)
    All devices and SCcm are synced with Same time server ?



    Disable software inventory in client setting then enable again. If the server date and time has been changed then you face this error.


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