nternal set of URL or internal MP name for CMG


hi Team I have 3 MPs, each i have installed CMG connection point role

now i want to know which mp is having which MProle ID

in my case i have 3 MP role id MutualAuth/456,MutualAuth/498,MutualAuth/875

but i do not now which MP is 456

https://<CMG service name>/CCM_Proxy_MutualAuth/<MP Role ID>

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Jeet S 1 year 2020-05-21T05:35:39+05:30 9 Answers 278 views Beginner 0

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    sorry you should not put it on resolved bucket .


    First of all why do you need 3 CMG?

    Are you managing a hierarchy of 300000+ machines?

    And how did you install 3 cmg with same name zyz?


    Do you mean MP Role ID for CMG?

    Have you tried the following PowerShell command

    (Get-WmiObject -Namespace Root\Ccm\LocationServices -Class SMS_ActiveMPCandidate | Where-Object {$_.Type -eq “Internet”}).MP

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