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You might have also received this query but I am not finding proper answer and justification in any of the articles.

I have to deploy 15GB of package to approx 4000 clients and most of them are on VPN. How many clients can download the content in parallel at same time.

I can see article with no of concurrent connected depending on OS like for Win7 it is 10, for Win10 it is 20. My DP is  Server 2012.

Want to know if someone has raised this with MS in past or have any useful link in which it is explained.

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    I have not raised this question with Microsoft. However what I can say is it’s all about mathematics 🙂

    15GB of package to approx 4000 clients and most of them are on VPN. If you don’t have any of the following restrictions – theoretically all 4000 clients will be able to download 15 GB package.

    A quick list …I might have missed many other points.

    1. Concurrent Connections
    2. How many DPs you have for this scenario
    3. What is the sever hardware configuration
    4. Are you using peer to peer technology (I know most of the client are connected through VPN – so don’t worry about this)
    5. Whether all the clients are online?
    6. What is the network bandwidth throttling in place (VPN and Server NICs)
    7. Etc…

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